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How we got here…

So I wanted to start this pregnancy blog to track my journey…we first started to TTC over a year ago…I have PCOS so we new it was not going to be an easy road…we started with fertility treatments in August 2011 and it took us until September 2012 to finally conceive our first child…if you want to read more about our journey check out my Infertility/IVF journey in my blog: http://infertilitydoessuck.wordpress.com/… I could not believe I was pregnant but when you see these pics it makes it real:

Anyone who has gone thru infertility treatments know that just because you get a positive on a HPT it doesnt mean your out of the woods…we had to have 2 beta’s to make sure they were doubling which they did plus 3 ultrasounds to confirm that there was indeed a viable pregnancy…Here are our sonogram pictures…

Sonogram #1 – 5 weeks 5 days (gestational sac & yolk)

Sonogram #2 – 6 weeks 6 days & HB 121

Between sonogram #2 and #3 I had some bleeding with clotting and I was really scared that there was something wrong…we went to the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) and I had a subchronic hematoma (SCH) which caused the issue which was a relief…so by sonogram #3 the SCH had basically resolved which is good…

Sonogram #3 – 8 weeks & HB 155

You generally “graduate” from the RE by the time you have your 3rd ultrasound…we had heard the heart beat 3x already and you are discharged to your OB for the remainder of your pregnancy…you finally feel like you are normal pregnant woman…I still worry from time to time but I have to remember that there is nothing I can do at this point other than not worry myself too much…my first OB appt. is on 10/23!!!


2 thoughts on “How we got here…

  1. I still worry too, even after seeing heartbeats twice, even after knowing our chances of miscarriage are much lower – I think its just part of the deal with IF, unfortuntely. Will they do another ultrasound at your OB appt? I called mine and they said they don’t at the first, but schedule you to come back shortly after for one. (what she called the “dating or viability ultrasound” – how positive)

    • I dont think I will ever stop until I hold our baby then a whole other type of worrying starts…I am going to demand another ultrasound from my ob…I dont care if they dont want to I do and with my SCH I want to confirm that everything is still ok…just remember that they should not change your due date…My RE was adamant since she said we know the exact date you got pregnant…I think since we have already had a bunch of sono’s we are a bit past what a normal person would go thru since their first appt. is usually around 8 weeks and they dont have sono’s like we do…the lucky infertile

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