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1st OB Appointment…

was yesterday…It went really well…we met with my Dr. and he did an ultrasound to confirm the EDD…I was told by my RE to not let them change the date since we know exactly when we got pregnant but he still wanted to make sure that it was measuring on track which it was…he spent some time just pointing things out and he called it a “gummy bear” which is a cute nickname which I may adopt now, lol…the heartbeat was 165 and he asked if we were going to find out the sex which we are…I think he was hoping we wouldn’t for some strange reason but we are definitely going to find out…we are even going to have a 3D sono at around 16 weeks for gender determination…it will be our Christmas present…he checked to see if the sub chronic hematoma was there which it wasn’t thankfully but you can bleed sometimes for no reason in the 1st trimester…he also went over the do’s and dont’s…what to eat and not to eat which we were already following but he did say I could eat cold cuts…I should microwave them for 30 seconds when I bring them home and then put them in the fridge…that should kill any listeria that may be present…I am happy that I can eat a turkey sandwich every once in a while…we also setup the NT scan for 11/15 but I have to get preliminary bloodwork done on 11/5


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