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OB Questions…

These are the questions I asked my OB at our first appt:

If I experience bleeding or cramping, do I call you or your nurse? Yes call to setup an ultrasound

Will I need to change my habits regarding sex, exercise, nutrition? No sex until 12 weeks for sanity reasons and when exercising keep heart rate to under 140bpm

What activities, foods, substances (for example, medicine, caffeine and alternative sweeteners like Equal) should I avoid? Limit caffeine to 2x a day which I pretty much have given up, stick to regular sugar but if I need artificial go with splenda, limit shellfish, no sushi, stick with pasteurized cheeses and if I want cold cuts microwave them for 30 seconds prior to eating to kill any listeria

When will my next prenatal visit be scheduled? Next visit is on 11/15 which is the 12 week NT scan

What type of testing do you recommend and when are they to be done? NT Scan, Quad Screen and Anatomy Scan

Who gets them and when?

Flu shot – Yes but I am going to wait until after 12 weeks

Pertussis vaccine – Anyone who will be in contact with the baby and it can be done later in the pregnancy


2 thoughts on “OB Questions…

    • I had a subchronic hematoma which caused me to bleed at around 7 weeks…I have had spotting but its gone…he said we may want to refrain until 12 weeks since if I do bleed I wouldnt be as concerned…so its for our sanity

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