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Weight loss!!!

So I have had morning sickness since I was about 5 weeks pregnant so now its over 5 weeks of it with no end in sight…some days are worse than others but I get it everyday…I barely eat one meal a day because I will puke it up if I get too full or I smell something horrid..I weighed myself about 2 weeks ago and since then I have lost 10lbs…I was already on the heavier side so I needed to lose the weight anyway but losing weight while pregnant is unnerving…I know the baby is getting all the nutrients it needs but I just wish I could eat normally…I hope that by the time I get into the 2nd trimester it gets better but who knows…someone said it could be up until 16 weeks or the entire pregnancy which I hope is not the case…


12 thoughts on “Weight loss!!!

  1. I’ve read that super morning sickness could indicate that it’s a girl in there. 😉 Has your doctor said that your morning sickness seems normal? I know if it’s too bad you may need to get IV fluids to insure that you’re not dehydrated from all the vomiting.

    • Well I can stomach gingerale so that has saved me…the dr. didnt say anything about it since I can eat sometimes its really hit & miss with me…one day a grilled cheese is great and the next day I throw it up….I think the MS is an old wives tale so we shall see…

  2. My mom had morning sickness with me her entire pregnancy and I was almost 10lbs. I guess somehow your body gives the baby what it needs. Hopefully your reactions quit being all over the place so you can figure out what you can eat!

  3. I could hold down saltines when I couldn’t eat anything else. (sorry they are not very tasty) I too hope this passes soon.

  4. I know a couple people who lost weight in the first trimester and their doctors told them it’s normal with morning sickness. Also, the baby needs very few nutrients from you at this point (from what I’ve read).

  5. I have heard that weight loss is fairly common – I bet baby is fine! I’m pretty sure I’ve also heard that the baby doesn’t need as many nutrients in the early stages.

  6. Aw, I’m sorry you’re feeling so sick! Being nauseated is the worst. I’ve also heard that it’s normal to lose a little weight in the first trimester from being sick. I hope this phase passes soon!

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