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We lost power…

last night because the downed wire due to a tree that fell on a pole started arcing on the sidewalk and could have easily caused a fire…so the police were called again…the power company came and shut the power to the whole street so we are out for who knows but my hopes are at most 3 days…I know we are super lucky to have had it the entire duration of the storm while our neighbors are going now on day 10 with no power but I am going to stay a friends house that lives closer to my work since hubby has been working 16 hrs a day and I am home by myself anyway…now we have not told anyone that we are pregnant so it will be interesting if I have to tell him…I have had pretty bad morning sickness or like to call it any time sickness but mine gets worse in the evenings thus I stop eating at around 2pm so that if I do puke its not much…kinda worried but I am 11 weeks 1 day so its just a little earlier than we would have liked but its better than me being super cold at night…I hope that I dont have to spill the beans…


2 thoughts on “We lost power…

  1. Well crapola! Hoping the power is restored soon. I know they are working hard to fix it…but it sure can be frustrating.

    Good luck keeping the beans in the can!

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