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Pregnancy after infertility is tough…

Going through infertility to get pregnant really has weighed on me…we are so blessed to be pregnant right now but it just seems like I am constantly worrying and wondering if this pregnancy will last or what if something goes wrong…I wish I could be the person who just lets things go and whatever happens happens but I am def not that type of person…I was feeling some sharp pains nothing excruciating or anything but I was in the shower and it happened I immediately look down to see if I am bleeding…I am sitting on the bed and I feel some pulling so my first instinct is to see if I am bleeding…I use the ‘evil’ google and it could be round ligament pain…since this is my first pregnancy I have no idea what any of this feels like and its just all foreign to me so it always leads me to the worst…will this ever end???  I take out my doppler twice last night since I was feeling antsy and wanted to hear the heartbeat which I did but I wondered why am I doing this to myself…I feel like I am torturing myself…there is nothing I nor the doctors can do at this point so I should just ride the wave and enjoy every minute but its soooo hard when you have done so much to get to this point…I dont want to knock a person who easily got pregnant but we went through extraordinary methods to be able to conceive so its almost like I feel that I “deserve” an easy pregnancy which I know makes no sense but I was just hoping for the negative thoughts…I want to be happy every day and not have to think about the what ifs but they seem to pop into my head every once in a while and I wish they would just leave and never come back…infertility really does a  number on you and I dont think I can ever be that care free person ever again…I guess it really has changed me forever!!!


9 thoughts on “Pregnancy after infertility is tough…

  1. I think IF causes us too always expect bad news around the corner. I also think the constant checking for ovulation has made women dealing with IF more aware of their own bodies. Just my theory.

  2. At 15 weeks I’ve been getting more frequent sharp pains. It feels close to my uterus but it is probably RLP or stretching. I’m trying not to worry but it’s hard. I contemplated calling the doctor, but I don’t want them to think I’m too crazy. And you’re right, as our first pregnancies, we don’t know what to expect, or what is normal.
    I guess unless the pain is extreme or lasting a long time, I’ll try not to freak. But I know where you’re coming from!

    • I did call just because and they said it was normal and as long as the pains were not excruciating or felt like period cramps it was ok and it was just my muscles expanding due to baby growth… Made me feel so much better!!!

      • Oh that’s good to hear. It’s like no other pain/twinge I’ve ever felt. Definitely not like regular cramps. I’m sure it’s just stretching, so we can finally get our baby bumps! haha

  3. You are completely normal in worrying. This is my first pregnancy as well. I know my 6 months of trying doesn’t compare to your struggles in trying to conceive!! Sounds to me like round ligament pain as well…your uterus is stretching to make room for a growing baby. Also, don’t feel bad for thinking you deserve an easy pregnancy, after everything you went through, I’d be feeling the same way. Hang in there, just think about the day where you get to feel that first kick. You’re a couple weeks ahead of me so you’ll have to let me know what it feels like 🙂

  4. I totally understand- I would feel the same way if I was pregnant. I agree with ivfmale that infertility makes us hyper-aware of every bodily sensation, which we overanalyze, and that infertility makes us expect bad things to happen. After all, we were statistically unlucky the first time around while TTC, so we don’t take much comfort in the good statistics for a healthy pregnancy. And I know that miscarriages are hard for every woman, but I would think that they are probably most difficult for us ladies with fertility problems who cannot just instantly get pregnant again.

    Saying that, I really think you are all good! You’ve made it so far. I’m happy for you!

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