So we found out the gender…

and we are having…drum roll please….a GIRL!!!  She was moving around a lot and she showed us her goods prety much righ away…towards the end she got modest and kept her legs closed and was scrunched up near the placenta plus she fell asleep even with the tech jiggling my belly….we didnt get all the pictures as part of the package so I get to go back later this week to get some more which I love since I get to see her again…cant get enough of her already…hubby wanted to make a bet since he thought it was a girl and thankfully we didnt since he would have won…we are super excited and now I can say our daughter…wow those words coming out of my mouth is awesome but when hubby says it my heart melts…he was talking to my belly last night and saying I am your daddy and I just looked at him and he said I am talking to my daughter…he is going to be an amazing dad and I cant wait for her to come!!!


Do I have a penis inside me!?!?

Today is my gender scan and I am soooo excited that the time has come… I didn’t want to wait for the 20 week anatomy scan so we are going for an elective 3D gender scan tonight… We could have gone earlier but I wanted to space out the times I get to see our little one so 18 weeks was perfect… In a couple of hours I will know if there is a penis in me or no lol!!!

17 Weeks!!

How far along? 17 Weeks
Total weight gain: Still no weight gain but I know that is not going to last much longer
Maternity clothes? 100% all the time
Sleep: Better now that I bought a body pillow
Best moment this week: Made an appt. for my elective 3D gender scan
Movement: Not sure
Food cravings: Bunelos
Gender Prediction: I think Girl now…
Have you started to show yet: Def showing
Symptoms: Heartburn after I eat ANYTHING
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender
17 weeks

Merry Christmas!!!

I know its a day early but I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!  This is the best Christmas ever for me…last yr we were on an IUI break due to a cyst and I was really bummed out and this yr we are pregnant…what a difference a yr makes!!!  I just want to wish everyone still struggling with infertility this holiday season a very special Christmas since I know how it feels to not get the one Christmas gift that you desperately want…please dont stop the fight its worth every tear that you have shed or angry moment!!!’


Today is my work holiday lunch…

and I plan on sharing my pregnancy news with everyone then…I thought it was going to be impersonal if I did via email so I decided to wait…I am anxious to see how they react…I know they will be happy!!! I think its probably going to be evident when I am not drinking at all…its funny that I have made lots of important announcements at this lunch like getting engaged, buying a house and now having a baby…I am the youngest so they have seen me grow from a young 20 something to now a mother-to-be!!!

I am SICK!!!

So since my hubby got back from overseas almost 2 weeks ago he has been sick with the flu, boo!!!  Well I had gotten my flu shot thankfully but it didnt prevent me from getting a COLD!!!  Being sick while pregnant sucks donkey balls!!!  You really cannot take anything other than Tylenol or Robitussin…he is the lucky one that can take NyQuil and pass out while I have to deal with the shit of not being able to breath…with the waking up every couple of hours to pee to not getting comfy in the bed add not being able to breath out of your nose I am lucky I get 4 hrs of sleep…I do not wish this upon anyone!!!  If you are pregnant avoid getting sick at ALL COSTS!!!  I am so glad its just a cold and not the flu but still the congestion is killing me and I am blowing my nose so much that it causes nose bleeds.  Not fun to be sick around the holidays…VENT OVER!!!

16 Weeks!!!

How far along? 16 Weeks
Total weight gain: I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight so now its only bound to go up from here
Maternity clothes? I am fully into maternity clothes and LOVING it!!!  I dont think I am going back to regular pants ever, lol
Sleep: Tossing and turning alot!!!  I think I need a body pillow
Best moment this week: Had my 16 week OB appt.
Movement: No clue if what I am feeling is movement or not…
Food cravings: Ox-tail soup
Gender Prediction: Boy until proven otherwise
Have you started to show yet:I def have a bump
Symptoms: Heartburn after I eat ANYTHING
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender
16 weeks