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Had my 16 week appt…

yesterday and it was amazing!!!  I cannot believe that I am 4 months pregnant!!!  The time is flying by…so they took urine to check for protein which I may have had some since I had steak for lunch…then weight which remains the same…blood pressure which was normal and finally a sono…I was hoping that they would do a sono so I can see the baby and they did woohoo!!!  I asked the doc if he could look and see if it was a boy or a girl but he could not get a clear picture of the goods…oh well…but he pointed out all the organs and limbs and the baby was laying on its side transverse…the baby was def moving around and kicking but I couldnt feel a thing…the doc said I may start feeling movement by 20 weeks and it may just be flutters or what feels like gas…when you have never experienced this before you have no idea what anything is supposed to feel like so maybe the first kick to my ribs will be the eye opener lol…we are going to have a gender determination 3D sono in 2 weeks so we can know what we are having…I dont care what we have as long as its healthy but I am a big planner so I need to start ASAP!!! I am so happy and I think I am getting less tense about the pregnancy and starting to enjoy it!!!


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