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I am SICK!!!

So since my hubby got back from overseas almost 2 weeks ago he has been sick with the flu, boo!!!  Well I had gotten my flu shot thankfully but it didnt prevent me from getting a COLD!!!  Being sick while pregnant sucks donkey balls!!!  You really cannot take anything other than Tylenol or Robitussin…he is the lucky one that can take NyQuil and pass out while I have to deal with the shit of not being able to breath…with the waking up every couple of hours to pee to not getting comfy in the bed add not being able to breath out of your nose I am lucky I get 4 hrs of sleep…I do not wish this upon anyone!!!  If you are pregnant avoid getting sick at ALL COSTS!!!  I am so glad its just a cold and not the flu but still the congestion is killing me and I am blowing my nose so much that it causes nose bleeds.  Not fun to be sick around the holidays…VENT OVER!!!


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