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So we found out the gender…

and we are having…drum roll please….a GIRL!!!  She was moving around a lot and she showed us her goods prety much righ away…towards the end she got modest and kept her legs closed and was scrunched up near the placenta plus she fell asleep even with the tech jiggling my belly….we didnt get all the pictures as part of the package so I get to go back later this week to get some more which I love since I get to see her again…cant get enough of her already…hubby wanted to make a bet since he thought it was a girl and thankfully we didnt since he would have won…we are super excited and now I can say our daughter…wow those words coming out of my mouth is awesome but when hubby says it my heart melts…he was talking to my belly last night and saying I am your daddy and I just looked at him and he said I am talking to my daughter…he is going to be an amazing dad and I cant wait for her to come!!!


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