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My 20 Week appt was yesterday!!!

So I had my anatomy scan yesterday and that is usually when you find out the gender but since we did the 3D scan we already knew we were having a girl which was confirmed so def no penis…so the scan started with an internal which I was shocked by…she needed to measure the cervix to make sure everything was ok…I had to pee like a race horse and the sono tech preferred a full bladder so I obliged…the cervix looked good…next was the rest of the sono to take measurements of all the parts…they measured the spine, head, abdomen, legs, arms and a bunch of other stuff…she was spine up so she could not get a good picture of all the parts of the heart and my little princess was not cooperating and refused to move…they got to see that there were 4 chambers but not the valves, aorta and the inflow/outflow of the heart so we have to go back in 2 weeks and hopefully she is in the mood to have her heart seen…the dr. said if they could not get a good picture we would need to have a fetal EKG but I shouldnt worry since everything seemed to be fine but they need the picture to confirm it…I dont know why but I am not worried…I usually worry about these things but seeing her move around and knowing that her heart is pumping away and has 4 chambers makes me feel at ease plus I know that she can be stubborn based on my 3D scan…her weight right now is 11 oz. which is right on track and we are so happy to finally hit that halfway mark and in 20 weeks or less we will meet her!!!  Now we def have to get on the whole nursery and making sure everything is prepared…I a way too much of a planner to let things wait.


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