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What is in a name???

Ok so the big debate as of late in our house is what to name our daughter…I never realized how picky my hubby is but now I realize…he has several “rules” that I was made aware of:

  1. No close friends, family co-workers with the name or their children
  2. No ‘A’ names so they wont be called first in class
  3. Nothing that could be shortened up to a name he didnt like
  4. He prefers one syllable names so they cant be shortened but he is open to others if they are nice
  5. No stripper names – well thats my rule too
  6. Nothing too ethinic
  7. Nothing too long
  8. Doesnt like names that end in y and yes my name is Cindy
  9. Does not like gender neutral names
  10. Nothing too popular

So I have been asking him for weeks now to come up with a list of names that he likes and it was like pulling teeth I almost said to him I will just pick the name and thats it…no I wouldnt do it but it finally got him moving…he finally relented and said by yesterday he would come up with his list..the 2 hrs he was researching it guess how many names he found…a whopping 2!!! I was amazed at how selective he was but come on 2 names and one of them was the name I have been telling him I liked so it was really one other name…now that we have our “huge” list we have to try it out and see which we like sounds nice but who would have known that a name would be that difficult but I guess it will be her name for her life…


11 thoughts on “What is in a name???

  1. I can’t get my husband off his butt to pick names, either. I named our little girl by default. I am envious, though. We’re currently trying to pick our little boy’s name now, and time is running out. Trust me when I say it’s much easier to name a girl than a boy! We’re wrestling with that now and you have to add “nothing effeminate” to the above list of ban-worthy offenses. Good luck.

  2. My husband and I didn’t make a list like that, but it sure felt like it! If it is any consolation, we didn’t have a name solidified even going into labor. It took us meeting our daughter and seeing her face to know what to name her. 2 days after she was born, we named her something completely different than what we had originally wanted. It’s funny how life works out! Congrats!

  3. My coworker recommends naming a kid with a name that ends in a vowel. So when he/she gets in trouble and you yell their name your voice will carry and echo….LOL

  4. How exciting! Picking a name would definitely be kind of stressful, though- it’s such an important thing. My friend and her husband were really picky but finally found a name for their daughter that they both love. Good luck- I’m sure you guys will, too.

    And it’s so cool that you’re having a girl!

  5. We had a terrible time picking our girl’s name. Our rules were: no name already in use by a family member, no names already used by our friend’s kids, no names that are already used by a family dog (do not laugh. it happened to someone else in our family) no name that ends in the first letter of our last name, no name that are used in songs, no names that can be shortened to “bad” nicknames, and preference given to family names of deceased relatives. We didn’t finalize her name until I had to sign off on the birth certificate!

  6. My husband and I had many of the same requirements as your hubby. An especially important one to me was that it had to be easy to pronounce both in English and Finnish.

    I had thought about names for years. Mostly boy names as girl names were difficult to find ones I liked and that stood the test of time. In the end, the names I had liked for years just didn’t work here in Finland (I didn’t like the way they sounded) or hubby hated them or they had become quite popular now. Hubby on the other hand, wasn’t ready to think about names until it was something that needed to be worried about, e.g. baby on the way. Even then, it was hard to get him to discuss names seriously (he’d tell me he likes the cats’ names or his own name…) Eventually a bit before the boy was born, he talked a little bit and we got a short list, but it wasn’t until a week or so after the boy was born that we finally figured out his name. (In Finland we have about 2 months before we have to officially give a name.)
    Good luck with your choices.
    Here from ICLW

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