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More baby purchases!!!

So last weekend we went to visit family in virginia and on our way back home we I wanted to stop by buy buy baby in Delaware since there is no sales tax…in nyc the tax is 8.625%…plus we had 20% coupons…we decided to make the major purchases ourselves since I dont want people to spend that much money on us…we bought the infant car seat, pack & play and car seat base…we decided against the travel system since its actually quite heavy and I could barely lift it and I have heard no so great reviews on the travel systems…I would highly recommend anyone buying anything baby related to check out the book Baby Bargains…it really gave some insight on what and what not to purchase…so in the end we saved about $140 which is great!!!


images 1


4 thoughts on “More baby purchases!!!

  1. That is the same car seat we want! We are planning on getting the stroller that goes with it though. It’s 20lbs, but it’s a lot less heavy than any of the Graco models. It was also the easiest to fold and unfold. There were a few other models that we left sitting on the floor, folded, because we couldn’t unfold them. haha
    So excited! And I can’t believe Delaware doesn’t have sales tax! Lucky ducks!

  2. Fun purchases! It’s so important to do your research first, and I agree with Evelyn…if you can’t get it folded and unfolded easily you will curse that thing every time you try to use it.

    Visiting from ICLW.

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