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A new blog…

So I decided that I need a new blog for my new normal…yes there is a new normal for me…my new normal is my world where getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a baby is not easy…I have to deal with the loss of our daughter and how to use the knowledge gained to help anyone else that can be in our situation…I am taking someones advice and the new blog will not be about specifics…it will be about my life, my love and my loss…I thought that now my blog should be about the whole me…I am more than just infertility and pregnancy…I think right now I will focus on what is on my mind but my life is more than that…I know I am going to get through this really difficult time..this blog was a way of chronicling my pregnancy with Olivia and its sooo hard to see the pictures of me pregnant…I will never ever forget her but its just heart breaking to know that I am not carrying her right now like I should and I dont want to delete those photos since I feel like I would be dishonoring her memory since she will forever be our first child…our beloved daughter forever…I loved being pregnant with her and wont forget the special bond that I developed with her…so if you are interested in following my journey this is the new blog:


I hope that for those that did follow me would like to continue reading about our journey and I know that one day we will have our happy ending…


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